NSPPL is a nonprofit, nonpolitical humanitarian medical project, was established in Aug/2012 by a group of Syrian people. The National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs aims to help people who have undergone amputations as a result of Syrian War by providing them with prosthetic body parts and the appropriate rehabilitation. Established in February 2013 by a group of Syrian doctors living overseas, NSPPL is a non-profit organization serving people in Syria and Turkey.

What we have achieved

Since its launch in 2013 NSPPL have so far served number of people with the following numbers of specific cases.





P&O Sessions


Physiotherapy Sessions


PSS Sessions


Case Management Sessions


NSPPL provide many different services to various types of beneficiaries depending on their need. However, We majorly work in the following different categories.

Psychological Support

The department provides psychological assessment to the beneficiaries at the center prior to their technical assessment. Psychologists at NSPPL studies the beneficiary’s psychological situation before and after the treatment and ensure rehabilitation to
help prepare beneficiaries to accept the new device.

Prosthesis and Orthotics

The core mission of NSPPL is to provide the best possible support to the people in terms or prosthesis and orthotics. Technicians asses the technical situations of beneficiaries and follow a process to take measurements and other technical factors into account and manufacture the devices for the patients


Physiotherapists at NSPPL work to ensure the functionality and also helps the physical rehabilitation of the beneficiaries , preparing them to use the prosthesis or orthotics device without a problem. They follow a systematic procedure that consist working on the range of motion and also works for the strengthening of muscles.


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