• Ali’s Story
    Ali is from Zummar Village in the southern countryside of Aleppo, Ali’s leg was amputated on 1/1/2020 due to diabetes. He said: “My suffering from diabetes started in 2001, when I was a worker in the municipality and my work was hard. During my first years of when having diabetes, […]
  • Hasan’s Story
    Hasan who is currently living and working in Mersin, Turkey, was born in Syria with congenital malformation in his right leg. As Hasan grew his leg didn’t, he was born without his right foot.Walking on his right side caused him severe pain. He also suffered excruciating pain in his back. […]
  • The Story Of Nejam
    Nejam was a young and healthy ordinary man living in Syria, as he describes himself. His life was going well with no complaint, then one unfortunate day in June of 2017, he was the victim of an air attack that caused an injury so severe that one of his legs […]
  • Huseyin’s Story
    Born in Halep, Syria. The seven years old Huseyin El Abbud had multiple lower extremities (Cerebral Palsy) since birth. In such a condition a person’s ability to move and maintain the balance and posture is affected. Huseyin was not able to move and spent his childhood at home. Due to […]
  • The Story of Majed
    Majed Shahrour was just a common school going boy living in Damascus, Syria. Majed’s life took an unfavorable turn when he was in 10th grade of school. Just like any other school goer Majed loved to study and socialize with his friends and colleagues and like all the other kids […]