NSPPL is a nonprofit, nonpolitical humanitarian medical project, was established in Aug/2012 by a group of Syrian doctors. The National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs aims to help people who have undergone amputations as a result of Syrian War by providing them with prosthetic body parts and the appropriate rehabilitation. Established in February 2013 by a group of Syrian doctors living overseas, NSPPL is a non-profit organization serving people in Syria and Turkey.

NSPPL Humanitarian NGO

During the last eight years, the Syrian war had disastrous consequences for Syrians in general.

The crisis has caused numerous human rights violations. All these abused human rights caused innumerable effects on the people who had nothing to do with this conflict. These effects ranged from the psychological side to the loss of one or some limbs, in addition to spinal injuries.

In light of this reality, it was necessary to take a qualitative initiative and take bold steps in this area and as a response to this call the Syrian National Project for Artificial Limbs was established in February, 2013.

The Syrian National Project for Prosthetics is a non-profit humanitarian organization founded by a group of Syrian doctors and it is based in Turkey and North Syria.

The project was divided into two main parts:

Providing a complete rehabilitation process for amputations and those with neurological injuries, including prosthetic devices and physical therapy.

Rehabilitation of sufficient numbers of technicians to cover the large numbers of injured, whose number exceeded 86000 according to UNICEF.

Since 2013, NSPPL has been able to achieve the following numbers as part of its Humanitarian Response Plan.





P&O Sessions


Physiotherapy Sessions


PSS Sessions


Case Management Sessions


NSPPL partners with a number of renowned organisations around the world. NSPPL’s major operations are funded by ECHO European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations¬†and Relief International. Furthermore, NSPPL Partners with several different organizations that are working as human rights watchdogs and have been advocating for the rights of humanity around the world for years. With a mission of prosperity, these¬† humanitarian organisations support NSPPL in its mission towards a better life for those affected by war.