Ali is from Zummar Village in the southern countryside of Aleppo, Ali’s leg was amputated on 1/1/2020 due to diabetes. He said: “My suffering from diabetes started in 2001, when I was a worker in the municipality and my work was hard. During my first years of when having diabetes, my diabetes was not severe and I did not show any serious signs until 2010. I visited one of the centers specialized in diabetes in Aleppo and I started receiving insulin shots. While I was in Syria there was no electricity to keep the insulin refrigerated, this which forced me to use different medication pills instead of insulin. I moved to Turkey in 2019 with my family to settle in Konya, after a while my left leg began to become swollen. I went to hospital to examine it and the doctors decided to treat it from the infection. So, they had to perform an amputation below the knee. “Ali told us about the difficulty he faced when the amputation was done, and how he collapsed. It was a hard time for him especially since his father passed away after five days after his own procedure. He was searching for hope. A friend of Ali then told him about NSPPL and its work with Prosthetics and Orthotics. Ali said he was looking to visit NSPPL center in Reyhanli to see how the amputees walk with their prosthetic legs. After the visit he was eager to start the journey of treatment and rehabilitation and to use prosthetic leg. His enthusiasm, desire to walk, and quick progress came as a surprise to all of the technicians and physical therapists around him. Finally, before he went back to Konya, Ali thanked NSPPL´s Psychiatrist, technicians, physical therapists and wished us continuous success in helping and giving hope to the community we work with.