Hasan who is currently living and working in Mersin, Turkey, was born in Syria with congenital malformation in his right leg. As Hasan grew his leg didn’t, he was born without his right foot.
Walking on his right side caused him severe pain. He also suffered excruciating pain in his back. His parents consulted with many doctors, seeing their little boy in such suffering was not easy for them either. Doctors suggested that a prosthetic can help Hasan in his case, but nothing can be done before he turns 18 and bone growth stabilizes. Hasan grew with constant discomfort, he kept his hopes up, it was his strong will that didn’t let him fall into the state of severe depression.

Hasan was introduced to NSPPL for his surgery and prosthesis. He is a young man of resolve and determination. He told us that he is not afraid of the surgery at all and that he believes it will bring him a better life. He was eager that treatment would bring him relief that he has been waiting for. Hasan was optimistic with the procedure the NSPPL team worked closely with him to support rapid and successful rehabilitation. Hasan is happy with his awaited prosthetic and enjoys going out with his friends and enjoying life. He is not limited by pain and accessibility.

Hasan had a great recovery and is living an independent life of his own. He is training in one of the workshops in Mersin and is satisfied, grateful and happy with all life has to offer. He considers his NSPPL support his friends. NSPPL in turn is proud to count Hasan as a friend and inspiration.