Born in Halep, Syria. The seven years old Huseyin El Abbud had multiple lower extremities (Cerebral Palsy) since birth. In such a condition a person’s ability to move and maintain the balance and posture is affected. Huseyin was not able to move and spent his childhood at home. Due to Syrian crisis it was not possible for his parents to take him to another city in Syria. They decided to move to turkey for better health care and safety for Huseyin.
Hoping for a treatment and healthcare for Huseyin, his family crossed the border and came to turkey in July of 2019. Staying in Reyhanli, Hatay they registered Huseyin to NSPPL center here in Reyhanli.

Huseyin’s picture with his newly installed DAFO device

After having a session with the social worker and the reception we started the treatment of Huseyin and by the end of august the little boy already had several sessions with the physiotherapists and the DAFO equipment was installed too. As the mental health is one important factor that NSPPL always consider, there are mental health professionals working with patients alongside for their better recovery at NSPPL. Throughout his treatment there had been several sessions with the psychologists too
Huseyin is done with enough treatment that he is finally able to go school and grow like every other child. However, his training continues at NSPPL, but he is now able to live on his own free will without any problems.

Huseyin during his prosthesis training