Over the period of time, NSPPL joined hands with these organizations to expand the operations and broaden their spectrum. NSPPL believes in the power of unity. All of these partners supported us in achieving our goals. NSPPL  welcomes partnerships from all over the world as there are so many ways to help and unite. The cooperative partners and their support one of the main reasons for NSPPL to reach where it is today.

Relief International


Relief began partnering with the National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs (NSPPL) in 2017. Together, our work aims to provide prosthetic limbs and physical rehabilitation services for Syrian refugees living with permanent, war-related injuries.

ECHO - The European Community Humanitarian Aid Office​


The European Community Humanitarian Aid Office aka ECHO is the European Commission’s department for overseas humanitarian aid and for civil protection. It aims to save and preserve life, prevent and alleviate human suffering and safeguard the integrity and dignity of populations affected by natural disasters and man-made crises.

ISPO - The International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics


The International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) is a non-governmental organization of people working in or interested in prosthetics, orthotics, mobility and assistive devices technology. It was founded in 1970 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It currently has about 3,500 members in over 100 countries.

Human Study e.V


Human Study e.V. (HS) is a non-for-profit organization specialized in blended distance-learning education in prosthetics and orthotics (P&O). Through its e-learning practice, HS offers an internationally recognized, ISPO accredited, and all inclusive prosthetic and orthotic academic instruction, blended with on-site hands-on symposium workshops.

Karam Foundation


The Karam Foundation is an aid organization which started in 2007 and focuses on helping those affected by the Syrian Civil War.  Karam Foundation began as an idea at our founder’s kitchen table in Chicago. Today, it bring education, opportunity, and hope to thousands of displaced people in Turkey, Jordan, and the US.



SEMA US, is a U.S non-profit 501(c)(3), charitable, healthcare organization, which aim to provide high quality healthcare and medical education for people in need worldwide.

One Family Organization


One Family is a UK registered charity  that seeks to revolutionize the way we tackle the world’s biggest issues – harnessing the potential of technology and innovation to accelerate social change and bringing people together as one family. One Family has a number of projects around the world that are tackling human trafficking, supporting refugees, fighting hunger and providing clean water to communities that need it the most.

Hand in hand for aid and development


Hand in Hand for Aid and Development is a UK-Registered charity, providing life-saving humanitarian and medical aid on the ground in Syria.