17-year-old Abdulrahman Lafi was born in Algouta, Syria. Back in 2018, when he was a 9th grader, he was coming back from school when he got hit by an airstrike. Being in the vicinity of that airstrike was lethal, and even though Abdul Rahman miraculously survived, it was so damaging that in addition to having shrapnel all over his body, he also had a vein injury in his right leg.

He underwent a primary treatment in Algouta, where, in several medical facilities, doctors tried to bind his vein to avoid the amputation of his right leg and remove the shrapnel from his left leg and other parts of his body. Due to the limited resources and possibilities in Algouta, his mother decided to move him to northern Syria in order to have better treatment. Unfortunately, there were no more options for doctors, because these states do not wait long without a direct surgical intervention.

When he woke up, he found his right leg amputated from his body, and even after that, he had to stay in the hospital for two months because the shrapnel in his body needed to be removed majorly from his left leg. After leaving the hospital, he moved to Turkey with his family and searched for prosthetic and orthotic services. In July of 2019, Abdul Rahman registered at NSPPL Turkey and started sessions with center technicians and a physical therapist. Physiotherapy sessions, PSS sessions, and prosthesis technicians worked for his treatment. Reception and the social worker followed all the sessions.

His prosthesis was installed without an issue, and he came back several times for the same modification before he left the center with a better self.