• International day for preventing the exploitation of the environment in war and armed conflict
    Over a decade since Syria has been at War, this terrible non-ending War has caused severe health and environmental issues. It leads to many deaths, displacements, and refugees from neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. Millions of people lost their homes and identity because of this dreadful state […]
  • World Suicide Prevention day
    Understanding the importance of mental health and self-care is necessary as we face numerous crises as a society. We all need to learn about suicide prevention and identification of suicidal thoughts in our loved ones. According to WHO, 700,000 people die due to suicide all over the world. It is […]
  • Video Report By Syria Channel
    A video report by Syria channel that describes the continuation of services in NSPPL centers during the Covid-19 pandemic and also how NSPPL is dealing and working through pandemic. The report then narrates the success story of a young man Abdul Rehman, how he survived and recovered from his injury […]
  • A CNN Report on NSPPL’s Work
    The team from CNN visited NSPPL center to support the cause and raise awareness about the work NSPPL was doing. The story was published on their channel showing the world about Syrian people’s road to recovery.