Majed Shahrour was just a common school going boy living in Damascus, Syria. Majed’s life took an unfavorable turn when he was in 10th grade of school. Just like any other school goer Majed loved to study and socialize with his friends and colleagues and like all the other kids at school he was also a regular student until one day when he accidently came into the vicinity of a landmine and stepped on it. In that incident he was badly injured and that caused him an Ankle disarticulation amputation. In Ankle disarticulation procedure the foot is removed between the bones of the ankle joints. This was in fact a harsh incident in Majed’s life that caused a major pause in his life and also stopped his everyday activities that he loved as a young man. It was no longer feasible for Majed to go to school and do the other things he used to do in his everyday life, he started staying at home with his family. 

Traumatized of all the conditions and what happened to him in Syria he decided to break the borders in 2017 and get to turkey for his better life, moving to turkey wasn’t an easy thing to do either and there were so many things and incident already happened all that caused a lot of damage to his mental health and getting into turkey caused his life to desist. 

After being settled in turkey he started searching for a facility that would help him with his amputation and treat him to be better so he will be able to continue his life. When he found NSPPL he registered here in NSPPL Center at Reyhanli on 6/1/2019, he registered for prosthesis and physiotherapy sessions and stayed with his relatives.

At NSPPL he received Physiotherapy sessions, PSS sessions and prosthesis sessions, he was treated with absolute care by the technicians here at NSPPL, as a part of the standard procedure everything was followed by reception and the social worker. In addition to that he also got many physiotherapy sessions at NSPPL to help him get healthy. He came back a number of times for the same modifications and then he left the center when everyone was completely satisfied with his condition. 

Majed dreams to become a successful professional in the field of computers and IT, in order to pursue his dream Majed has already finished the Turkish language course for two months as a preparation for applying to the secondary grade exams.